Bachelor Life 2

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I am happy to announce that my second full-length album, "Bachelor Life 2," is now available for pre-order.  I am well aware that streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music have greatly reduced the incentive to buy music but I am asking for your help.  As an independent artist I self fund my music from its creation all the way through its release.  Pre-ordering my new album will help me in the following ways:  

  • Assist with funding for production costs including paying for beats, audio mastering, photoshoots for the album cover, album artwork, and distribution fees  
  • Assist with promoting the album (music videos, advertisements, and a release party)  
  • And who knows, if enough people pre-order the album, we may even be able to chart on Billboard!  

Anyone who pre-orders the album will get:  

  • A private link to stream an exclusive unreleased song from the album  
  • Free admission to the album release party  
  • A personalized thank you email sent directly from me  

You can also make a donation of any amount by clicking the "Donate" button below.  Thank you for your support!